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Do you lie awake at night worrying about your child or adolescent? Does something
seem to be troubling them or have they told you that something isn't quite right? Do they say they are “fine” but you see in their expression that everything is not okay?


There are many different reasons for a child
or teen to consider counseling. Children and teens face many different challenges in
today’s world such as dealing with the stressors of school, peer pressure, navigating
new relationship issues, low self-esteem, or blending into new family


In some situations, teens may engage in self-harming or self-destructive
behaviors as a result of not knowing how to handle stress. Others may have unique issues that they are facing and need a place to go to learn to valuable coping skills that can lead to a happier and healthier self.


If your child or teens is facing or possibly dealing with any of these issues, you can rest assured that I work diligently to build a trusting relationship with
children and teens while also providing support and assistance to their caring
parents to ensure that counseling is a success.

Children & Teens

Do you struggle to keep it together? When you look at yourself in the mirror do you
recognize yourself or have doubts? Are you satisfied with your life?


Do you find yourself engaging in
self-destructive thoughts or behaviors? Are you stuck and looking for a way out?


Life hands us all sorts of challenges at different stages of life. I can help you navigate
these challenges by using your personal strengths and unique characteristics to find the best way to approach them.

Clients who come to see me often struggle with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, co-dependency, grief and loss, life transitions, family issues, parenting issues, self-worth, considering a relationship change, or just want to be better versions of themselves.


If you are facing any of these issues or others that are keeping you from achieving full happiness in life, know that I will work with you and help you reach your ultimate goals and help keep your life in check.

Individuals & Families

Initial Evaluation Session (50 Minutes) - $170

Individual Session (50 minutes) - $150


Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hour notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given, there is a cancellation fee of $75. In the event of a "no-show" without notice, the full session fee is charged ($100).


Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO

Cigna (all plans)

United Healthcare

It is always a good idea for the policy holder to call to verify mental health eligibility and benefits prior to your initial session.


I am more than happy to file with your insurance but please be aware that when I file I must submit a diagnosis, progress note and treatment plan that may reveal your personal information.


There is no absolute guarantee that the information in our sessions will remain confidential when filing a claim. By asking me to file a claim with your insurance, you acknowledge and waive your right to confidentiality with respect to records and information requested by your insurance company.

Rates & Insurance

Contact me if you'd like more information regarding supervision services

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